Length is approximately 23 km
Rapids: Few rapids, scaled at 0-II
Maps: 1:200000 Finland road map GT
Route map: 1:50000
Canoeing Eligibility: During the dryer times there is low-tide. Suitable for flat-based canoes. 
Surprises: The beavers may create barriers on river sections.

Overview of the route

Beginning from Jäppilä, you can canoe from Ahvenlampi pond which is in the center of Jäppilä. Ahvenlampi pond is enclosed and the water is a strong green color. You can canoe from the pond through the canals to Hiidenlampi pond; on this pond the water is crystal clear. We circle the Hiidenlampi pond from the right and you will find an old bridge made from rock. Most likely you will need to go around the bridge by foot. Next you will come to a lake called Syvänsi, in Finnish Syvä means deep and as its name suggests; this lake is 50 meters deep in some places. 

The route continues towards the south for 9km, keep on the west bank. A river called Kaivanto is on the right side of the lake, about 2km before the lake ends. After about 1km you will come to a pond called Syrjälampi with plant life on the banks. From this pond you paddle to another pond called Koplakkolampi from the northern end of the pond. At this pond there are beautiful clams and please be careful of the logs which the beavers have dropped into the water. On the Koplako Island there is a small resting place. You can also use this as a starting point. This place is accessable through the Jäppilä to Maavesi road, after about 7km. After leaving the island you go under a bride, after the bridge the river begins to meander through to the mill. This mill should be passes on the left side past the old frame saw by 50m. After about half a km you will get to Kaislanen, you should try to stay on the right side of the river.


There is a beautiful variety of wildlife and river life on these rivers. After about half a km you will be able to enjoy warm smoked salmon, which you can fish from the Pahkatupa cottage pools. After this cottage you will begin to feel the currents getting stronger and the curves become steeper. Once you have come across the first few houses, try and spot the bridge ahead of you. You will not be able to paddle under the bridge so you must get out and walk around the bridge, beware of the current and get out of your canoe on the right bank. After the bridge you will paddle under a road and feel a stronger current here. Continue paddling though the forest, after a few km you should become aware of the stronger currents again and to hear the rapids ahead of you. Before the rapids there is a little cove on the right which is ideal to set your canoe and go and have a look at the rapids by foot. 

The next landmark is a field, there is a steep left curve and rapids before a bridge. Under this bridge there are rapids again. Is you want you would stop before the bridge on the left. If you choose to continue, you will pass an old bridge made of rock. Now you have passed the majority of the rapids and the river begins to meander until the lake. You can stop immediately after you get to the lake on the right side. You can also drive here by driving though Maavesi village down the Virtasalmi to Katajamäki road for about 2km, pass the large electrical wires for 50m and then turn left. There will be a sign which says “Veneranta”. From here there is about half a km until the beach.

Opportunities for continuing your excursion are as follows: 

Sysmä - Kattilasalmi - Kiekka (power plant) - Maavesi - Virtasalmi (Majavareitti) 

Sysmä - Huutokoski - Jokijärvi - Liuna (power plant) - Joroisvirta - Haukivesi (Saimaa)

From the river you can get pike, perch, roach and the occasional grayling and rainbow trout. Please make sure that you are aware of the necessary permits and payments needed to fish in these areas.


Pieksämäki’s Canoeing Association ry. phone number +358 40 503 8324



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