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The Naarajoki River


The Haapajoki route starts at Pieksänjärvi Lake’s northeastern corner. The river flows north for 15 km until you reach Haapajärvi. The river paddling lasts 3-4 hours. From Haapajärvi you can continue your journey to Savijoki River and Kutujoki River through to Koskelo which is by the 9th highway, from which is an additional 16 km. If you continue further you would reach the Rautalampi Pond route. For canoeists the Haapajoki route is at its best during the spring to early summer and during mid to late summer the route typically has lower water levels. The Haapajoki route


The route is primarily suited for family canoeing in the Virtasalmi area. By this route there is a large beaver dam, if you wait you may see beavers in this area. The route is 23 km long. There is one rapid you must for security reasons bypass (Myllysahi). Majavareitti



The Naarajoki River route is a beautiful river and lake route, which is suitable for beginners and family canoeists.  The camping areas and adjacent shore line have been built with consideration to people with limited mobility and people with disabilities.  The river sections are at their best during May and June and during the autumn. The route can be paddled throughout the summer. The Naarajoki belongs to the Kymijoki waters. The route begins from Pieksämäki’s Naarajärvi and continues to Haukivuori and Kangasniemi. The overall length of the trip is about 110-130 km, of which approximately half is river. You will come across prehistoric places along the route. The Naarajoki River

Naarajoki (deutsh):
Die Naarajoki-Route 
Pieksämäki - Kangasniemi: -> Naarajoki

This Lake is the base for the club’s lake paddling. Pieksänjärvi


Jäppilän Ahvenlampi – Hiidenlampi – Syvänsi – Syrjälampi – Koplakkolampi – Syvänsinjoki – Kaislanen – Suihkolanjoki – Sysmä.  This route is approximately 23km long.
Jäppilä is located at a watershed, this means that the waters are naturally clean and clear, the terrain is ridge-like. The first 10 km of the route are by level waters and are a good opportunity to practice your canoeing skills. At the river section of the route the current will take you and there are a few stronger currents which are measured at 2. Suihkolanjoki



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